How to Register?

Before you start shopping, you need to register yourself with us and give us information that will allow us to communicate with you regarding your transactions. Registration is very easy with Farsankart.  A new user can register from home page Login option or at the time of checkout process, members can Login to their account directly from home page Login option at right top. Click Here to Register 

How to Place An Order?

Placing an order with Farsankart is quick and simple. As you browse through the, you can put the items that you want to purchase instantly in your Shopping Cart by clicking on the link 'Add To Cart' button. Link to Shopping Cart is provided with every item that is displayed on the screen. If you haven't logged in yet, you will reach the Login / Register page. 

Is it safe to transact through Credit Card or Net Banking at 

Farsankart uses the latest encryption technology and other methods to protect your credit card information & Bank Information. You can place your orders using safest technology. In fact, shopping online with a credit card or Net-banking at Farsankart is even safer than using a credit card at a restaurant because we do not retain your credit card information or bank information. You can be assured that Farsankart offers you the highest standards of security currently available on the Net so as to ensure that your shopping experience is private, safe and secure. You need not worry about your credit card or net-banking information because your bank will authorize the credit card or net-banking transaction directly without any information passing through us. In approximately 25-30 seconds (depending on your internet connection) your bank will issue an authorization number and the electronic receipt would be generated.

How Review Your Order & History?

In your Login / My Account area you can view the details of all the orders you've placed with Farsankart till date. Just click on Order item in My Account section and see the full details against the order numbers of your earlier purchases.