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    Chilli Khus Syrup (475ml)

    ₹ 275.00
    Indulge in a rhythmic journey of flavors, experiencing the sweetness of vetiver, tanginess of lemon and concluding with a faint trail of spicy green chilli.

    Cinnamon Elaichai Sharbat (500ml)

    ₹ 300.00
    Savor the zestful medley of Ceylon cinnamon, Kerala clove and cardamom. This divine concoction will refresh your palate, and certainly, leave you craving for more.

    Guava Instant Drink (Pack of 10)40g Each (400gms)

    ₹ 350.00
    Experience A Blend Of Sweet Guava And Spice In Every Sip Of This Instant Mix.

    Jaljeera Instant Drink (Pack of 12)20g Each (200gms)

    ₹ 350.00
    Startle Your taste buds with this mix that can be served as an appetizer or even used in other dishes or drinks.

    Jeera Sharbat (500ml)

    ₹ 225.00
    It is from finest spices & herbs which help in improving digestive system of human body. Jeera has a refreshing taste. It has a rejuvenating flavor.

    Kesar Badam (475ml)

    ₹ 485.00
    Enjoy the satisfying crunch of almonds and the definitive scent and flavour of kashmir saffron in this earthy and luscious amalgamation. Versatile and flavourful, it is sure to provide an enhanced experience with every sip.