Fairedge Return/Cancellation Policy


1. Fairedge may cancel the product order through the Website, only in cases where the product has not been shipped before cancellation.

2. The buyer understands that the products ordered through the Website are perishable in nature and hence cannot be returned. However, in the following cases, Fairedge may consider the buyer’s request and grant store-credits for the value of the products purchased:
   a) Wrong product;
   b) Wrong item ordered/ delivered; and
   c) Damaged packaging – Physical damage/Tampered product or packaging.

3. The store-credit will remain in the buyer’s account and remain valid for a period of 3 (three) months from the date of credit. The delivery charges shall be deducted while granting store-credit.

4. This policy will not be applicable in case the product is used or tempered by the buyer.

5. The seller must confirm the receipt of the product to process credits to the buyer within 2 (two) days of receiving back. The refund in store credit will be processed in within 5 (five) working days of seller confirming that the product received is not used or tampered.

6. Fairedge may charge the buyer for a sum as processing charges for return/cancellation.

7. The seller(s) and Fairedge may extend the period of cancellation or return of the product, at their mutual discretion.

8. Fairedge takes full responsibility of any sort whatsoever for a product lost while a return to the seller.

9. This Return/Cancellation policy shall be applicable only for customers who make an online purchase for the product through the Website. In the case of customer purchasing a product directly from the Seller, this Return/Cancellation policy shall not be applicable.

10. The timelines provided in this Return/Cancellation policy for the sellers and Fairedge can be extended without any notice, by mutual agreement.