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    Hathi Rajgara Flour (2.5kg)

    ₹ 330.00
    Rajgara flour is commonly eaten while fasting, it has high nutritional value. The plant is very high in fiber and iron, with a fairly high protein level as well. This makes it well suited to its use as a staple starch.

    Bajara Flour (1kg)

    ₹ 52.00
    Bajra Flour Is Made Bt Grinding The Bajra(Pearl Millet) Grains, It Is Grayish In Colour and Has Nutty Flavour, Bajra Flour Is An Excellent Source Of Iron, Protein, Folic Acid And Fibre That Keeps Complex Ailments Like Anemia, Constipation, Obesity In Check And Flushes Out All Toxins. Bajra Grains Are Gluten-Free, They Are An Ideal Food For Weight Loss Diet

    Besan (1kg)

    ₹ 94.00
    Besan is a pulse flour made from ground chickpeas. It is a staple ingredient in the cuisine of the indian subcontinent, including in indian, bangladeshi, burmese, nepali, pakistani, and sri lankan cuisines.

    Coarse Urad Flour(Kakro) (500g)

    ₹ 100.00
    A type of flour, native to India, which is made by grinding black gram pulses or lentils into a fine powder. Pale white in color, this flour is commonly used for making dosa crepes, idi cakes, uttapam, and specially used in winter sweets like adadia pak

    Coarse Wheat Flour(Kakro) (1kg)

    ₹ 56.00
    Wheat Coarse Flour Is High In Nutrients. Special Wheat Flour Is Milled From The Endosperm Part Of The Wheat Kernel. It Is Suitable For All Cooking And Baking. It Is Also Called All-purpose Wheat Flour Or Coarse Wheat Flour.

    Handvo Mix (400 gms)

    ₹ 70.00
    Handvo Is A Delicious Savory Cake made From Rice Lentils And Vegetables Is A Traditional Gujrati Snack Enjoyed With Green Chutney And His Is Mix Is Easy Made At Home