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    Milk Toast

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    Milk Toast
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    Bhakharwadi (1Kg)

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    Bhakarwadi is a little spicy because of the use of indian spices. Brown in colour crispy fried roll with a spicy filling. It is a spiral of light brown and dark brown colour.

    Dry Kachori (300gms)

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    Dry Kachori is a deep-fried crispy and crunchy ball of maida flour stuffed with a spicy mix of gram flour and other spices.

    Mini Bhakarwadi (500gms)

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    Mini Bhakarwadi is a popular snack in Gujarat and Maharashtra. It is spiral shaped small bite sized snacks made with all purpose flour and filled with sweet and spicy stuffing.

    Bajri Methi Khakhra (250gms)

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    Baked with the goodness of natural ingredients, bajra methi khakhra is an all-time great healthy snack for the entire family. Pair it with the organic moringa chutney and curd dip for lip-smacking snack time.

    Methi Khakhra (250gms)

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    One of those wondrous treats, usually not deep fried, was Khakhra. A Khakhra is, at its very basic, a very thinly rolled disc of wheat flour and spices. It is crispy, savory and incredibly fabulous.