HALO Freeze Dried Mango

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  • Healthy snacks: HALO Mango snacks are healthy, tasty and on-the-go snack
  • 100% natural: Made with the real goodness of freshly picked mangoes
  • Rich in nutrients: Mangoes are a great source of Antioxidants, Vitamin C and Pectin
  • No added preservatives: A vegan snack with no added sugar or taste enhancers
  • Vegan-friendly: This vegan snack has a longer shelf life with zero chemicals




Mango, king of all tropical fruits, contains high level of Vitamin C, fiber and pectin. Our mango contains a perfect blend of Kesar, procured from Junagadh, Gujarat and Dasheri, from the city of Nawabs-Lucknow. Once they reach our facility, the process begins with controlled ripening, washing, hand peeling, hand slicing and freeze drying. This tangy combination of Kesar and Dasheri mangoes will leave you wanting more!

Forget seasonal availability! Enjoy juicy mangoes, twelve months a year!

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Weight 30 g


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