HALO Freeze Dried Pineapple and Papaya

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  • Healthy snacks: HALO Papaya & Pineapple snacks are healthy, tasty and on-the-go snack
  • 100% natural: Made with the tropical richness of real Papayas and Pineapples
  • Rich in nutrients: While Papayas are rich in Fibre, Pineapples contain a lot of Vitamin C and Manganese
  • No added preservatives: A vegan snack with no added sugar or taste enhancers
  • Vegan-friendly: This vegan snack has a longer shelf life with zero chemicals




Pineapples are a good source of vitamin C while papaya is high in fiber and water content, helping you with digestion. This blend is a wonderful and must-try healthy snack. Consisting of 25% pineapple and 75% papaya, this combination is a mix of sweet and sour. Both fruits complement each other perfectly!

Forget seasonal availability! Enjoy this truly-juicy combination of pineapple and papaya, twelve months a year!

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Weight 40 g


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