Misstevia Immuno Tea-


Mistevia Immuno Tea – AYUSH Recommended Immunity Booster Herbs And Tea Premix With Stevia – 100gms
Mistevia Immuno Tea is a combination of Tea, AYUSH recommended Herbs and Stevia Sweetener. AYUSH recommended to take some specific herbs with tea like- Cinnamon, Cardamom, Black pepper, Ginger etc. regularly to boost immunity. Stevia sweetener is for diabetic and calorie conscious people. Our product is a perfect combination of building Immunity with a delicious brew of fragrant tea. It is very much suited to diabetics since it is sweetened with the most diabetic friendly sweetener – Stevia. Mistevia Immuno Tea is an excellent mood-lifter too.

Ingredients: CTC Tea,Basil,Cinnamon,Cardamom,Black Pepper,Ginger,Amla,Ashwagandha and Stevia Sweetener.

Net Qty – 100 gms (Comes for 33 servings)

Preparation : Add approximately 3gms (2 spoons) of Misstevia Immuno Tea to a cup of hot water, Brew for 20-30 seconds, strain and have it with / without milk

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Ayush recommended Immunity Booster Herbs and Tea Premix sweetened with Stevia

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